I found my wedding dress in L.A.!

NOT! Haha. If you watched me on Brides of Beverly Hills last year, you would have witnessed as I found the PERFECT dress for me, but it wasn’t. Reality shows are far from reality, as I’m sure you know. I’m a good actor right??? haha. In August of last summer My mom, Anne (mother-in-law to be), Ashley (bestest sister-in-law to be) and myself took a once in a life time trip to L.A. to be on a show and film me finding “The One”. Well that might not have happened but I can’t say I regret going. I absolutely loved spending time together just the four of us and bonding over the two families becoming one (contrary to how it looked on T.V. lol. Remember, staged reality! Our families are more similar than we led on:). While we weren’t filming we were touring and when I say touring I mean we spent almost a whole day driving in the wrong direction and getting lost lol (it wasn’t funny at the time let me tell you). We did however go on celebrity and whale watching tours. It was amazing, but the best part for me was watching my mom experience two dreams she’s always had since she was a little girl. Whale watching being one and going to The Crystal Cathedral being the big other. All in all I will never forget that trip and I hope we can do it again soon, minus the weeding dress part of course:)

So I may not have found my wedding dress in L.A. but I did find it (well, my Mom did) at Moscatel Boutique here in Ottawa. And it really is perfect.

However, I did find my shoes in L.A.! At Saks Fifth Avenue, they are a Guiseppe Zanoti Design. You’ll have to wait until my wedding to see them though. 😉


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