Our Story

Amanda and Bryan have been together forever. It feels like forever. They met when Bryan played in Ottawa for the 67’s. I think one of the first times they met was actually over a game of pool. He then kept bothering her to hang out and eventually wooed her over with his charm and his good looks. After many years of dating on January 25th 2012, Bryan proposed to Amanda and of course she said yes. All of us were like, “holy crap, finally!”

The wedding date is set for August 3, 2013.

– Written by Mai (One of her best friends and one of the Maids (now Matron) of Honour.

From Amanda’s eye’s:

I can remember the day I met Bryan like it was yesterday. It was the day that changed my life forever. Michelle (one of my MOH’s) and I decided to meet a friend of ours out for some drinks one night at a bar called Local Hero’s. We arrived at the same time and to our surprise he brought a friend with him. A guy we had never met. It was winter and the ground was snowy and icy. I stepped out of the car and was having a little trouble walking. Ice and heels do not mix. Right away this mysterious guy, who I yet to know his name, walked over and grabbed my arm. He walked me all the way to the door before being introduced by our friend. “This is Bryan, a rookie on our team this year. I thought I’d bring him along to meet some people.” What a nice guy I thought. We sat down and ordered a few drinks (yes I know we were underage, don’t tell haha). I ordered a corona, like usual, and as I went to put my lime in my beer and turn it over so the lime could go to the bottom I ended up squirting Bryan right in the face. Thankfully we all got a good laugh out of it. Later on we decided to play pool and Bryan and I were on the same team. We quickly realized that we both had a love for pool and kicked their butts. We were unstoppable as a team.

I remember for weeks after that I kept asking Michelle, “what’s that nice guys name again?” For some reason I wanted to call him everything but Bryan…Ryan and Byron were my go too’s. Bryan quickly realized that he lived right around the corner from Michelle. Since I use to stay at her house almost every weekend we started to see Bryan a lot. If you know Bryan you know that he is a early riser. Well that was the same then. Bright and early Saturday morning Bryan would always call to see what we were up to. The answer was always the same…Sleeping!!!! Very quickly he became our stalker, in the nicest way you can use the word stalker lol. One of my favorite memories is one day we were out shoveling the driveway. Bryan called to see what we were up to and we told him we were busy and would call him back when we were done. Within 2 minutes of getting off the phone we see him turn the corner with a shovel in his hands. I was falling in love but just didn’t know it yet, or at least didn’t want to admit it.

We started to hang out on our own without Michelle, often. But we were just friends and thats how I wanted to keep it. Bryan was, is, younger than I am and at the time it sounded like light years to me. Even though we had all the same friends, we went to all the same places and not only did he look older but he acted older than most 16 year olds, I just couldn’t get over it. That and the fact that he played hockey. I knew a few players and never wanted to be a hockey players girlfriend. I was quite content with just being a hockey players friend. Bryan wasn’t on the same page, he wanted more. He thought we had more but I was too scared to admit it. Everyone could see how I felt about him but me. Even my mom was bugging me about it. He was the perfect boyfriend, sweet, caring, interested in all the same things I was interested in and most importantly just as big of a goofball as I was. Yet I still said no. That is until one day I called Michelle to see what she was up to. She told me she was heading over to Bryan’s for dinner. My heart dropped. We usually always did things the three of us and this time I wasn’t invited. Michelle tried to assure me that its only because they live side by side and I was at least an hour bus ride away. That didn’t change how I felt. Finally for the first time I let myself feel the feelings that I’d been working so hard to hide. But I still wasn’t ready to let Bryan know that. The next time I saw Michelle I requested that she help me. I told her that I had a problem and my problem was that I liked Bryan. She yelled “Finally!! We’ve been trying to get you guys together forever.” She told me to stop thinking so much and just follow my heart.

Not too long after, that’s exactly what I did. I put my guard down and followed my heart. My heart led me to my perfect match and the rest is history!

I want to thank Michelle for making me jealous so I could come to terms with my feelings and I want to thank the love of my life Bryan for being so patient:) lol xox love you guys.

From Bryan’s eye’s to come soon:

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