Here are a few hotels near by that we have blocked off for our WEDDING:)


The Westin: (613)560-7000

This hotel is attached to our venue. 

It’s under the Bickell/Caskenette wedding

$189/night- King or 2 doubles

Additional charges: parking- $35/night for valet with in and out privelages. There is also a parking garage right next door that is ticket parking $1.50/ 30 mins I believe with a $20 maximum for 24hrs. Unless you are going in and out I would park there.


Les Suites: 1-866-682-0879

It is under the Caskenette/Bickell wedding- code: CBW0802

$159/night- Premium One Bedroom Suite (covers up to 4 ppl)

$219/night- Premium Two Bedroom Suite (covers up to 6 ppl)

Must book by Friday June 21st

Additional charges- parking $17/night

Note: If you go on their website and look under the Super Web Rate you may be able to get a better deal. Only thing is that you have to pay an extra $25/person if you want more than 2 people in the Premium One Bedroom Suite rather than the 4 that comes with our rate and 4 in the Two Bedroom rather than 6. So it depends how many people are staying in your room.

Directions from venue-walking,+Ottawa,+ON,+Canada&daddr=Les+Suites+Hotel+Ottawa,+Ottawa,+Canada&hl=en&ll=45.425323,-75.687904&spn=0.003885,0.009645&sll=45.42526,-75.68919&sspn=0.003885,0.009645&geocode=FRUetQIdGgx9-yH-arkB2JU0nSkjlo8CAQXOTDH-arkB2JU0nQ%3BFRcmtQId5RV9-yEsLbYIS99FiCmlcebfAwXOTDEsLbYIS99FiA&oq=les+suites&t=h&dirflg=w&mra=ls&z=17http://


Lord Elgin: 1-800-267-4298

It is under the Caskenette/Bickell wedding

$139/night for a traditional guest room. You can request a King, Queen or Two Queens if available.

Must Book by July 3rd.

Additional Charges- parking $28/night

Directions from venue- walking,+Ottawa,+ON,+Canada&daddr=Lord+Elgin+Hotel,+Elgin+Street,+Ottawa,+ON,+Canada&hl=en&ll=45.422642,-75.692486&spn=0.003886,0.009645&sll=45.425323,-75.687904&sspn=0.003885,0.009645&geocode=FRUetQIdGgx9-yH-arkB2JU0nSkjlo8CAQXOTDH-arkB2JU0nQ%3BFV8TtQIdqQF9-yEnItLSCOrpaCkBFPR9qgXOTDEnItLSCOrpaA&oq=lord+&t=h&dirflg=w&mra=ls&z=17

Flight Discounts:

Air Canada- F4ACU8W1
Go to and enter the promo code in the search panel. Travel period for this promotion starts July 27th to August 11th.

WestJet- W1140
You must contact WestJet Groups Department at 1888-493-7853 and give them the promo code to get 10% off your airfare. Travel period for this discount starts July 27th to August 11th.